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by the things we do!

Want to be on the volunteering staff?

Volunteers are the life blood of not only our community, but for any event. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride is no different. Without volunteers, our event could not be as successful as it is. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride offers its volunteers a unique opportunity to attend this state wide event and to serve a diverse community.

Volunteers are required to sign up for a four (4) hour shift each day of the event for a total of eight (8) hours over the weekend. Many times, volunteers are not needed for their entire eight (8) hour commitment. Volunteer duties could include, but are not limited to, monitoring the gift basket room, checking in attendees, and assisting presenters with room set-up and break-down.

The volunteers have access to the 'Staff Room' where they are provided with water, snacks, and on Saturday, lunch and a dinner. Outside of a volunteers eight (8) hour commiment, they are encouraged to enjoy all of the events taking place over the weekend. We will also try to accommodate volunteers if they have a request to attend a specfic class or event.

However, volunteers are required to purchase an admission ticket to the event. The cost of the ticket will be refunded to the volunteer after they have completed their commited volunteer hours, regardless of if they are not needed for the full eight (8) hour commitment. There are no refunds for 'no shows'.

If you would like to volunteer at Florida Leather & Fetish Pride this year, please fill in this form.