Mr. / Ms.

Florida Leather

& Fetish Pride

About the Mr. / Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride Title

The Mr. / Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (FLFP) contest is an ‘educational and learning’ contest and the titles are working titles that continue to focus on educating the communities in Florida. This contest is open to anyone, regardless of sex, race, orientation, who considers themselves to be into the leather, fetish, kink, BDSM lifestyle(s). This can include, but is not limited to identifying as: Sir, Ma’am, boy/boi, girl, mommy, daddy, puppy & other critters, furries, bootblacks, etc. Contestants should apply for the Mr. / Ms. Contests based upon how they identify (male/female) as opposed to their birth gender. Should contestants’ identity as gender neutral / fluid, they may choose either contest to enter, but not both.

Former Mr. / Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride Titleholders

Mr. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2016
Mr. FLFP 2016
Sir Eddie is originally from Orlando, Florida and currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida with his husband of twelve years. He has been an active member of First Coast Leather Society (FCLS) for the past ten years and is currently holding the position of President for the First Coast Leather Society. Over the past 10 years Eddie continues to be actively involved with community service by volunteering his time and energy to support the Holiday Helpers, an organization providing Christmas to HIV infected children/ caregivers.
Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2016Ms. FLFP 2016 ‘Mama’s Tampa Wench’ has been in the BDSM and kink lifestyle for almost twenty years, started her leather journey over seven years ago, and considers herself to be an educator above all else. She has been a guest lecturer at St. Leo College and the University of South Florida to speak on the topic of the kink lifestyle. Wench is a previous Sister of Perpetual Indulgence and was an associate member of the Tampa Leather Club, as well as the only associate member to receive an award (2011) for her dedication to clubs events and activities. In 2014, Wench also received the award for Ms. Community Service 2015 from the Florida Puppy Contest organizers and in 2015 became the first Ms. Florida Leather n’ Fetish Pride titleholder. Currently, she hosts Tampa Bay’s Only Leather Social monthly, teaches classes on negotiation & tactile play at events, and as of Jan. 2016, is the owner of the Florida Leather & Fetish Pride Weekend event.
Mr. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2017Mr. FLFP 2017 Baby Pup Bandit has been a part of the leather and kink community for several years and offering his service to the community in a variety of way however he can. He is also a pup outside of his service aspects and enjoys a plethora of fetishes which include, but are not limited to the following: Adult Diaper/ Diaper Lover, Pup Play, Watersports, Leather, Bondage, and Humiliation, and several others that you may ask him about. This baby pup has been able to truly express who he really is through the love and support of this community, and for that he will always be extremely thankful! Baby Pup Bandit is also the second Mr. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (2017.)
Ms. Florida Leather & Fetish Pride 2017Ms. FLFP 2017 A_Midnight_Angel identifies as a Pansexual Poly-bi switch, and is currently in service to MHirokata and LilLady Aalyanna for 15 years now. A Midnight Angel has been educating the BDSM Community for over 18 years now, and has taught in 25 States, she enjoys bottoming to needles, fireplay, fire cupping, wax play, saline infusion, and other extreme plays with other play partners.